14 Jul

Hip Hop Nights In New York City

Wanightclub_backnt to release all the stress and trouble you’re holding onto? We’ve got just the solution. It’s the vim and vigor-filled new York after dark. The clubs, the lounges, and the pubs! Believe it or not, the nightlife of new York will blow your mind away like nothing else! Looking for Hip Hop Bars NYC? Checkout the link.
Feels too good to be true? Wait ‘til you see it!

With the best genres of music, beautiful dances and endless choices of the clubs in NY to visit, the city stands up to the label of being ‘a city that never sleeps.’ There are places where dreams come true, and once you’re a part of them, you’re up for nights of mind-blowing and breathtaking experiences.
From cozy late-night bars to all-night, big-room clubs, gay clubs to bowling alleys, dance clubs with pop, house, techno,  – you name it, new york’s got it. There’s something for everyone and nothing that you’d want to leave out.
Home alone? Got nothing to do? Get the gears going! There’s a perfect place for you to go and dance the night out.
There’s nothing better than a night of dancing for the new Yorkers, and we know the place that’ll revive the energy in you and drown you in absolute opulence!
Often dubbed as the “crazy club”, it guarantees some dead wild nights and a pulsing energy. The Marquee New York events put everything on fire. From Chuckie to r3hab, and Dzeko to dirty south, it’s a mix of international electronic DJs with out-of-the-world music that will drive you insane! If you’re lucky enough, you might even get to meet your celebrities.
Open through the night on the 10th Avenue, marquee’s production, costumes, dancers, and cocktails are astounding. The ultra lounge offers an extravagant style, décor and a trendy look that makes you forget where you came from. the door’s open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 pm to 4 am.
So, What Are You Waiting For?
Take some time out and have this over the top experience with striking lights, great music, and other night owls! Dance your way through the rich environment and have drinks and cocktails ‘til 4 in the morning.
So, if you’re in new York or plan to be there sometime soon, keep an eye out for events in this multi-tiered nightclub. Use cash, debit or credit cards and rush to get the tickets – you’re not the only one.

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